Friday, January 13, 2012

Some new yarn

Picked up a few new lots of yarn whilst I was out and about today.

You can see I picked up three different types of yarn. There are two that are pretty similar, and one nice big ball of 8ply acrylic.

This is a big ball of yarn: 100g, 100% acrylic. Not as big as a ball of sock wool can be (which can be as much as 400mtrs), but still there's 283mtrs in this 100g ball. Yarn like this is a good, very affordable way to make a big throw. You'll get LOTS of squares with a few balls of these ;) I picked up four colours, and I'll show them off over the weekend. These were $3.50 (Australian dollars) each.

Picked up an extra ball of this yarn. I found it on special ($2.50) last year & got a bunch. Not on sale today ($5) but I was running low on this colour. This yarn is much pricier for what you get, but that's due to the fact it's a bamboo/cotton blend, so natural fibres, versus the totally acrylic ball previous shown. This ball is 50g and only 70mtrs. So if I'm using just one colour of this yarn in a square (see Block #3: "Sunshine Lace") I tend to use more than 50% of it up. It's good for baby jumpers/sweaters & face washers: it puts up with a lot of washing, but is a gentle, softer yarn as well.

I was absolutely thrilled to find a single ball of this yarn in this colour at the store today. It's like an urban myth! I bought one about 3.5 years ago over the other side of the country, and have never seen it again. Had several conversations with different people & we'd all come to the conclusion that the store had stopped carrying it. Again, it's a smaller ball of yarn (50g/85mtrs) so I'd only got a single dishcloth in a tight stitch out of it, and I gave it away!! I wanted to however, since it was to an old friend and she admired the bright colour of the yarn :) It is 100% cotton and it's a good solid yarn. Good for dishcloths!! Or coasters ;)

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