Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan Eaton's "200 Crochet Blocks..."

Jan Eaton's "200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws & afghans" has been absolutely essential to my crochet adoration. No, really! There are 200 different (some simply colour differences) crochet blocks to try your hand at. Just reading the book always puts me in the mood to pull out my yarn.

I found this book at my local library when I was living in a Bayside suburb of Melbourne. I'd grasped the basics of crochet earlier in the year and wasn't working full time, so I had extra time for learning. I just kept renewing it. I had to take it back at one point because, if you can believe it, someone else wants to take it out. Honestly!

I did end up buying the book and it's treasured. I'm hoping to work my way through all the squares in the book. Not sure how I'll go at that, since I do actually HAVE other books to pull designs from, but there are just so many lovely squares in Eaton's book!

Not only does she give good instructions for her squares, she also suggests complimentary squares and goes on to suggest ways to put the squares together in afghans and throws.

I highly recommend Eaton's book for any beginner or serious crocheter!

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