Friday, January 20, 2012

Block #13: "Band of Bobbles"

From Eaton's "200 Crocheted Squares..."

Firstly, it's a terrible photo. I have poor (photo) lighting inside the house, which is why most of my photos are taken on my outdoor table in the courtyard. But I only just finished today's square, watching Bernard Tomic work hard at his tennis match in the Australian Open tonight, so it's badly lit.

Still enjoying the bobbles, but I want to talk about this square a bit more: maybe tomorrow, maybe later. There are some poorly constructed bobbles in (mainly) the second band of bobbles, which you can't see that well in this photo. I think I've figured out why, and it might just need to be practice.

I think this square would work well in a row of the same squares in a blanket. Or maybe in a geometrical pattern. And actually, Eaton has a demonstrated blanket layout in her book, with lines of this particular square featured.

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