Thursday, January 26, 2012

Block #16: "ZigZag"

From Eaton's...

Block #70: "ZigZag".

I tried making this block a few months ago and threw it down because you have to carry the yarn across the back of the piece, and boy can it get tangled up. But this block I started sitting at a table, so didn't tangle the yarn up from the first few rows, and as I was working through it to the end on the couch, I really got the yarn keeping going.

It gave me a nice boost of confidence about working with separate yarns, and NOT finishing & rejoining each yarn at a time.

It's Australia Day! Happy Little Vegemites we were at our house today. As I was bringing this post up, I realised I should have made a square in green & gold! Oh well, too late ;) However, I did make us a lovely lamington sponge today to have after bbq....

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