Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Block #14 Part Deux

So, this is the square from yesterday that I posted:

Crocheted in two different types of acrylic, I posted that there was an ERROR in is. Did you see it?

I was in row 13 when I realised that I'd added 5 stitches of double crochet in my alternate colour over the last 4 rows instead of 4. (The pattern calls for increasing steps of "4 stitches of double crochet" in an alternate colour every 4 rows.) So by row 13, I had 13 stitches of my alternate cream colour and 15 stitches of the pink, instead of 12 (cream) and 16 (pink). I compensated in the next row by reducing my pink stitches by 5 and adding only 3 of the cream, instead of 4 and 4.

It's not overly noticable and in fact unless I point it out I'm not sure you'd notice it. But it's there, and I can see it. I could have undone the previous four rows (which I seem to constantly do some days) and correct the error, but in this case I didn't. Probably because it's a sample square and not for anything in particular. If it were for a rug or blanket, it might have been a different story.

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