Thursday, May 31, 2012

Block #61: Chocolate Box v3

From Eaton's 200..

Block #145: Chocolate Box (sort of similar to the original one, which was in chocolate tones, so I'm going with that.)

This one, this one I like. I was super pleased with how it turned out, I really like the colour choices I made, and it came together real easy.

This one, is a keeper.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Block #60: Chocolate Box v2

From Eaton's 200..

Block #148: Chocolate Box v4.

But this is my v2, so I'm just being really confusing now.

This actually turned out better than I was thinking. I didn't like my first effort with Chocolate Box that much, but it's continued to grow on me. This colour scheme looks like it belongs in a side-show alley at a state fair/show or something though.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Block #59: Chocolate Box

From Eaton's 200...

#147: Chocolate Box (version 3)

Obviously this is not version 3 for the blog, since this is the first time I've posted up this square! But, in Eaton's book, there are 4 versions of this square (the first one has the dark colour as a dark brown, hence the name) and this is the 3rd version!

I've never liked this square, and wasn't intending to hook it up any time soon, but it's a granny square of a sort, so I thought I'd give it a go. And.. it's not too bad! This looks terribly skewif, but it's actually pretty square. I'm not too sure about the dark blue bits inbetween each round, but I'm working on another version (version 4) and I'll post it up and compare the two.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Block #58: Granny Stripes

From Eaton's 200..

Block #76: Granny Stripes

Well, it's the 28 May today, which means we're coming to the end of Granny Square Month. But we're not there yet.

This was GREAT. It's the perfect thing to make household prettiness out of (cushion covers, throws etc) but it's done the same thing that Half & Half earlier in the year.

For a square that's supposed to be of a size, it's too squat and too wide. A bit like my Granny! But I love her dearly! And let's face it, she's the BEST to hug. When I was a wee little thing and I used to spend my summers with my Mama (my Granny), she and I would split a bag of Violet Crumble (chocolate covered honeycomb) and we'd keep stealing into the kitchen over the next few days to sneak a few bits until there was NONE LEFT and we were SAD. And then we'd go to the store again, and get another bag. It was AWESOME. Summer at Mama's rocked.

And that's like this granny square. It's not neat and tidy, it's a big loosey goosey, but it'll split a bag of violet crumble with you any time :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Sally Day

I seemed to have crocheted myself out this weekend... it could have something to do with studying for at tax exam I have coming up soon as well!

So, it's a SALLY DAY!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 15 Krista rug, all completed.

Here's my block of week 15 for the rug:

A quick square to work, and it came up like Kim's, all neat and tidy.

I have to say, I also discovered that the rear window sill in our flat has EXCELLENT light in mid afternoon, specifically when it's all cloudy! Look at that natural light. :D Was very happy to discover this. Of course, it doesn't help my current issue, which is trying to take a photo after I get home for work, which is when the light is simply dying very quickly these days as we get closer and closer to winter.

Here's the link to the square, in case you missed it ;)

Also, just to note, like last week's square, this one also fits my definition of a granny square!! Heehee :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 15: Krista Spot-sampler Rug

Upto week 15 in the Krista crochet-along rug:

Spotlight's example...

Which missing an ENTIRE ROUND.

Kim's example...

She does these so fast. I'd only just dragged myself out of bed when Kim posted this. (In my own defense I'd been able to lie in on Friday morning and listen to the rain fall (for 9 HOURS) whilst my headache tablets kicked in, instead of having to get up and do anything, like go to work. So grateful for that.)

Anyway, as you can see, Kim's is finished (I think the poor girl at Spotlight had to quickly take a photo of the square before she'd actually finished it, to get it up on the Facebook page, at least that's the excuse I'm giving them), neat and tidy and has all the rounds that the pattern states.

Pattern available here.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Pattern: Block #57: Granny Square Heart

Ok, this isn't a square. This is a motif that goes onto a square. But I like it so much, and think it's so cute, I'm going to feature it separately :)

Isn't it CUTE!!!!

It's a Granny Square HEART!!

I hooked this white one up on the train that I caught home last night, and I did not have the pattern with me. I only had a photo. I love being able to construct something from a photo!

Today I decided I'd hook up a variation.

I REALLY super like it with the border in a colour. I feel like this should be attached somehow to a Valentines Day card!

Aren't they adorable :)

The pattern is available here, on CherryHeart. It's a free pattern, although mine might be slightly different as I didn't follow the pattern to start with :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Block #56: Four Patch Granny

From Eaton's "200..."

#43 Four-Patch Granny.

So... I did this one wrong. WHOOPS. It's not that I made the squares wrong, it's that I joined them wrong. The square is made up of four separate smaller squares: 2 of X and 2 of Y. They are joined together (I used a slip-stitch join, which was new to me), and then a border round is completed. The pattern is supposed to go:

X       Y
Y       X

And, as you can see, my square is more:

X       Y
X       Y

Not the same. I didn't realise until I'd joined it straight down the middle, which brought all four together. Instead joining two squares, and then the other two squares, and then joining both halves together (sensible option), I decided to keep on joining after I've finished bringing the first two together, so I just grabbed the next two and kept on joining. I didn't even LOOK to see whether I'd put them in the right order.

Go me. ;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Pattern for Block #55: Snowflake in a Circle Granny

So, yesterday I showed you this block!

A self-drafted block, I'm happy to share the pattern with my readers!

Snowflake-in-a-Circle Granny Square

Requires: 4 colours

Starting round: (colour 1) ch 4, join to make circle

R1: ch 4 (forms 1tr & 1ch), [tr, ch1] 7 times, join with 3rd chain of starting 3. Break off colour 1

R2: Join colour 2 to any ch space. Beg cluster (3ch, 2 tr tog), ch, [cluster, ch] 7 times, join to 3rd chain of starting 3. Break off colour 2.

R3: Join colour 3 to any ch space. Beg cluster (3ch, 2tr tog), ch, [cluster into top of rd2 cluster, ch, cluster into ch sp, ch] 7 times, cluster into top of rd2 cluster, ch, join to 3rd chain of starting 3. Break off colour 3.

R4: Join colour 4 to any ch space. ch, dc into same space, ch, [dc into next ch sp, ch, tr-ch3-tr into next ch sp, ch, dc into next ch sp, dc, ch] 3 times, join with first dc.

R5: Sl st into ch sp, (the following working into the chain spaces, and none of the dc's) ch3 2tr into same space, ch, [3tr, ch, (cluster, ch3, cluster into 3ch sp) ch, 3tr, ch, 3tr, ch, 3tr, ch] 3 times, join with 3rd ch of starting 3.

R6: Sl st into ch sp, (the following working into the chain spaces, and none of the tr's) ch3 2tr into same sp, [ch, 3tr, ch, [cluster, 3ch, cluster into 3ch sp] ch, 3tr, ch, 3tr, ch, 3tr, ch, 3tr] 3 times, ch, join to 3rd ch of starting 3. Break off colour 4.

R7: Join colour 3 to any space. ch, dc into same sp, dc into each ch sp and tr, 5 dc's into 3cnr space. Work your way around, and eventually join with first dc. Fasten off.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Block #55: Snowflake in a Circle Granny

Self-drafted block:

So, created another block. If anything, this year is teaching/inspiring me to draft my own patterns. It's delightful!

Pattern tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Granny Square from the Krista Rug

So, here's yesterday's square again:

A perfect example of a granny square. It was Week 14's square in the Krista Rug.

It started in the bottom left hand corner, with the two starting rounds of a granny square.

 At this point, it starts being worked in rows, but just on two sides of the square.

It would look AWESOME with three others, joined into a big square, or as a motif in a rug!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 14 completed: Krista Spot-Sampler Rug

Here's week 14! Handily, it totally fits in with my granny square theme, so I'll chat a bit more about it tomorrow :D

Quite liked this one, and it was super easy to whip up. I am 2-3 squares behind now though, so I need to put in a bit of an effort this week!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 14: Krista Spot-Sampler Rug

Here's Block 14 from the sampler rug!

And this is Kim's version...

Spotlight's is upside down.

*steady look*

Here's the pattern!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Block #54: Square Eighty-Two

From CraftMinx's 365: A Granny Square A Day, originally from Leisure Arts 99 Granny Squares

It doesn't even have a pretty name, but apparently it's #82 from Leisure Arts 99 Granny Squares.

I'm going to call it Spiky Granny.

I didn't have a pattern to go on, and I'm not terribly practised at spike stitches, so the sides of the square have been brought in a little, making the corner's appear a bit too prominent. However it's just your basic granny square, with some spike stitches in the sides. I really really like it! It's a nice plan granny, with a twist!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crafty Minx's 365 Granny project

So, due to the joy that is pinterest, I somehow discovered Crafty Minx' 365 Granny Square a Day!

It's a whole catalogue of Granny Squares that she's found and stitched up. She's up to square #275, and they are all terrific!

Go have a looksee ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blocks #52 & #53

Here is blocked #52 & #53 side by side. You can see I've improved on the bump on the top of #52 that I hated, which is where I joined the rows in the same side. I staggered the joined in block #53 so it's not as obvious.

Much more pleased :)

In other news, it's halfway through May and I'm only up to #52 of #200, which means I am behind in the schedule! Step it up girl!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Gift

This is something I made up for Mothers Day for my Mum :)

It's a bookmark, but I made it big enough that it'll work for all the magazine's Mum reads, or the recipe books she's looking through.

It's a 3ply cotton worked up with a 2.25mm hook.

You can find the pattern for it here.

Apparently there is a scarf made just like this in one of the popular clothing stores at the moment. (Can't remember which one, someone else saw it) It's quite tempting to try and make it up as a scarf!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Block #52: Granny in the Middle #1

From Eaton's 200...

Block #117: Granny in the Middle.

Jan Eaton shows four different colour combinations for this block, so I'll be doing this block at least another 3 times this month. It's a block I did when I first got "200 Crochet Blocks..." out of the library 5 years ago. Whilst it's not a favourite, I still like it. It works terrifically well as a coaster, as the granny in the middle of loose enough to absorb any drips & drops from your cups, and the denser outer border keeps the coaster stable.

I do seem to add an extra stitch or two where it joins in the rounds, as you can see in the right-hand bottom corner (it's misshapen) so I need to work on that. Even joining rows in different spots might help.

I do NOT however like the colour combination I used for this. I'll be using the same colours, but in a really different pattern. This looks too wishy washy. Although, it reminds me of a day at the beach!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 13: Spot-Sampler Krista Rug

Well here's block #13 for week 12 of the rug: we are halfway through!

The pattern can be located here, thanks to Spotlight

Spotlight had this to say about how their blocks look misshapen:

"Thanks to you all for the feedback, in respone to some queries last week in regards to blocking of the squares, there are two reasons why we don't do it. 

It's important for those new to crochet to see the block often doesn’t turn out in a perfect square and as all blocks need to be the same size to make joining easier it is better to block them all at the end as some will need more work than others."

Which is fair enough, but it doesn't excuse the fact that some of the blocks that whoever is so kind to produce for the Facebook page, look shocking. They should at least be pulled into shape, not to mention the fact that they are photographed poorly, which makes them look worse. It is a national company that is being represented here: extra effort should be put into it. At least the effort is now being taken by someone to actually reproduce the blocks, so thank you to that person.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Block #51: Corner Granny

From Eaton's 200...

Block #7: Corner Granny.

Not especially fond of this block by itself, but only because the corner half of the block is such a tighter weave than the granny square. This block really needs to be placed with three others of it's type, to create a nice big 4-square block.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Block #50 Bordered Granny

From my braaaiiin...

(sorry it's a bit washed out: it was really sunny!)

So, I hooked this up in the car on the way back from work yesterday. I had to come up with a simple design and this is what happened. You know, it's a *nice* square for a coaster :) *looks over on the table* Yep, it's working out really well :D

Just your traditional granny square, with a tr border all the way around. I could have gone further and done another border row, either in treble or double, but this is how it ended up :)

I shall have to write out the pattern for y'all :) (it's very easy)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My first granny square blanket

So, this is the first granny square blanket. Actually, it was just about my first project!!

Was so proud of this :) In fact, it impressed so much I had my Mum ask me to make her a blanket, for her king sized bed. (It took me most of a year! or two... *shifty look*)

Granny squares can look so well together. These squares all have the same colour, and there are just 5 variations. It's been finished with a double crochet (UK) border, which leaves a defined ridge and gives the blanket a bit of a 3D feel. It's made with 100% wool, which makes it on the heavy side, but pretty toasty.

Monday, May 7, 2012

8 Free Granny Square Patterns!

As I've said before Crochet Me is a a great web resource for crocheters out there. They give away free little ebooks full of patterns every now and then. I found one on granny squares for everyone!

Neat, huh :) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Sally Day

It's a Sally day. I don't have a new square to show and I've been unwell for the past day or so.

Have a Sally :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something new

I picked up a 2.25mm hook yesterday from Spotlight, which is now the smallest hook I own. Some of the women on the Krista Group  shared some of their smaller lace work, and it's so pretty. But I've never done any lace crochet - it's so tiny and fine. When someone shared this pattern ("Fan Bookmark" from crochetroo.blogspot) I decided to give it a go. I picked out the hook (I did want to go down to a 2mm but they didn't have a Boye hook) and what I hoped was an appropriate thread. I'll have to share the result!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 12: Spot-sampler Krista rug

And here is the square from Week 12, as worked by Kim!

And here's the picture from Spotlight...

It's a nice colour and all, and it's great that someone at Spotlight is doing the squares for the project, but Kim's is laid out a wee bit better... and you know, you can *see* how the square should look. Neater edges too.

(I'm so mean.)

Here's the link!! Instructions for Week 12 (pdf)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Block #49 Traditional Granny

From Eaton's 200..

Block #18: Traditional Granny

Ahhhh the traditional granny. Same pattern as yesterday's Plain Granny, this one shows the difference that colour can make.

This is probably THE most USED crochet pattern to make rugs. I would say most crocheters' have hooked a granny square rug at least once in their lives. I've done two :) (One lap rug, one throw-for-a-king-size-bed rug!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Block #48: Plain Granny Square

From Eaton's 200..

And here is our first granny square of the month!

Block #56: Plain Granny Square.

Ahhhh a plain happy square. So easy to hook. A great square to use up odd pieces of yarn with, to make up a happy blanket :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is Granny Square Month!

As I mentioned the other day, I have declared May as...

Granny Square Month!!!

Exciting, huh :)

But let's take a moment to define what a Granny Square is. Because some people may think that a lot of the squares that I've been posting this year are granny squares. But I define a granny square as a square with a variation on the 3tr, sp, 3tr, sp, 3tr-3ch-3tr, 3tr, ch, 3tr...

Like this!

Evening Sun Blanket: cocorosetextiles )

foxs spiral round granny blanket: Ravelry )

( heart granny square: Ravelry )

See? So, this month: lots of squares on a variation of this.

Excited? I am!!