Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 13: Spot-Sampler Krista Rug

Well here's block #13 for week 12 of the rug: we are halfway through!

The pattern can be located here, thanks to Spotlight

Spotlight had this to say about how their blocks look misshapen:

"Thanks to you all for the feedback, in respone to some queries last week in regards to blocking of the squares, there are two reasons why we don't do it. 

It's important for those new to crochet to see the block often doesn’t turn out in a perfect square and as all blocks need to be the same size to make joining easier it is better to block them all at the end as some will need more work than others."

Which is fair enough, but it doesn't excuse the fact that some of the blocks that whoever is so kind to produce for the Facebook page, look shocking. They should at least be pulled into shape, not to mention the fact that they are photographed poorly, which makes them look worse. It is a national company that is being represented here: extra effort should be put into it. At least the effort is now being taken by someone to actually reproduce the blocks, so thank you to that person.

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