Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 15: Krista Spot-sampler Rug

Upto week 15 in the Krista crochet-along rug:

Spotlight's example...

Which missing an ENTIRE ROUND.

Kim's example...

She does these so fast. I'd only just dragged myself out of bed when Kim posted this. (In my own defense I'd been able to lie in on Friday morning and listen to the rain fall (for 9 HOURS) whilst my headache tablets kicked in, instead of having to get up and do anything, like go to work. So grateful for that.)

Anyway, as you can see, Kim's is finished (I think the poor girl at Spotlight had to quickly take a photo of the square before she'd actually finished it, to get it up on the Facebook page, at least that's the excuse I'm giving them), neat and tidy and has all the rounds that the pattern states.

Pattern available here.

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