Monday, May 28, 2012

Block #58: Granny Stripes

From Eaton's 200..

Block #76: Granny Stripes

Well, it's the 28 May today, which means we're coming to the end of Granny Square Month. But we're not there yet.

This was GREAT. It's the perfect thing to make household prettiness out of (cushion covers, throws etc) but it's done the same thing that Half & Half earlier in the year.

For a square that's supposed to be of a size, it's too squat and too wide. A bit like my Granny! But I love her dearly! And let's face it, she's the BEST to hug. When I was a wee little thing and I used to spend my summers with my Mama (my Granny), she and I would split a bag of Violet Crumble (chocolate covered honeycomb) and we'd keep stealing into the kitchen over the next few days to sneak a few bits until there was NONE LEFT and we were SAD. And then we'd go to the store again, and get another bag. It was AWESOME. Summer at Mama's rocked.

And that's like this granny square. It's not neat and tidy, it's a big loosey goosey, but it'll split a bag of violet crumble with you any time :)

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