Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Pattern: Block #57: Granny Square Heart

Ok, this isn't a square. This is a motif that goes onto a square. But I like it so much, and think it's so cute, I'm going to feature it separately :)

Isn't it CUTE!!!!

It's a Granny Square HEART!!

I hooked this white one up on the train that I caught home last night, and I did not have the pattern with me. I only had a photo. I love being able to construct something from a photo!

Today I decided I'd hook up a variation.

I REALLY super like it with the border in a colour. I feel like this should be attached somehow to a Valentines Day card!

Aren't they adorable :)

The pattern is available here, on CherryHeart. It's a free pattern, although mine might be slightly different as I didn't follow the pattern to start with :)

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