Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Block #56: Four Patch Granny

From Eaton's "200..."

#43 Four-Patch Granny.

So... I did this one wrong. WHOOPS. It's not that I made the squares wrong, it's that I joined them wrong. The square is made up of four separate smaller squares: 2 of X and 2 of Y. They are joined together (I used a slip-stitch join, which was new to me), and then a border round is completed. The pattern is supposed to go:

X       Y
Y       X

And, as you can see, my square is more:

X       Y
X       Y

Not the same. I didn't realise until I'd joined it straight down the middle, which brought all four together. Instead joining two squares, and then the other two squares, and then joining both halves together (sensible option), I decided to keep on joining after I've finished bringing the first two together, so I just grabbed the next two and kept on joining. I didn't even LOOK to see whether I'd put them in the right order.

Go me. ;-)

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