Thursday, May 3, 2012

Block #49 Traditional Granny

From Eaton's 200..

Block #18: Traditional Granny

Ahhhh the traditional granny. Same pattern as yesterday's Plain Granny, this one shows the difference that colour can make.

This is probably THE most USED crochet pattern to make rugs. I would say most crocheters' have hooked a granny square rug at least once in their lives. I've done two :) (One lap rug, one throw-for-a-king-size-bed rug!)


  1. Thanks for this,almost forgot how to do a basic square.

    1. No worries! Did you need a pattern? They're so easy but if it's been a while I know you can sit there and look at your yarn & hook and go "Huh?"

  2. Thanks for offering a pattern.kind of looked at your square to work out centre ,corners and stuff.lovely blog by the way x