Saturday, January 21, 2012

Block #13 part deux

Here is a MUCH better photo of yesterday's block, "Band of Bobbles":

And yes, that's the right colour!!

Ok, so now that we can see it better, let's talk a bit more about it.

(1) This colour of the acrylic is nicer and easier to work with. So that tells me that the brighter colour of the aqua yarn is simply the harsher dye interfering with the thread. That sounds right ;)

(2) This block is a LOT shorter that others I've made recently. Makes me think I've either counted badly wrong, or misinterpreted the pattern. The count on the pattern might also be off. So I'll be writing a note in my book, giving some suggestions for the next time I work the block.

(3) The misshapen bobbles. This picture, ironically, doesn't show them to the best/worst of their shape. When I started working bobbles (all of a week ago) I decided that I worked them front to back. So when I'm making the bobble, I pop it out to the back of the row, which makes bringing the top of the bobble & securing it to the double crochet stitch next to it nice and tight. (I'll demonstrate this later, I reckon.) (This makes the bobble POP.) The second & fourth rows in this square were worked from the other end of the piece, and required me to work the bobbles to the front. So some of them I think are too loose, and not enough bobble. They don't POP enough people!! I am unhappy with them.

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