Monday, January 2, 2012

Block #1: "Square Target"

Today's block comes from Jan Eaton's '200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws & Afghans': #3 "Square Target".

It's worked using a bamboo cotton, and very stable, so good for crocheted items that are getting a lot of washing, like baby blankets, baby clothes, washcloths or dishcloths.

When I work a design like this, I'm always nervous about how it will turn out, as it 'ruffles' as I work it. But once I 'block' it (wash it, stretch it out to it's shape and let it dry) it looks just like it should. You can see how I didn't pin it as it dried, but the way it is slightly out of shape in the right corners, compared to the left. I'll talk more about blocking in a later post, when I've blocked more types of squares in different materials.

This square is worked mostly in treble(US) crochet, with a round of double crochet around the edge. It starts with a foundation circle, and then rounds of a pattern which is increased, 8 rounds in total.

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