Monday, January 16, 2012

Four hooks of a kind...


There are LOTS of different crochet hooks out there. I'm going to give you a broad overview of the different hooks that I have in my collection.

I emptied my bag 'o hooks. I have like 4(!!!) 4.0mm hooks & at least 2 (possibly 3) 4.5mm. I think I kept buying them because I'd be traveling & I'd have forgotten my hook...

On the far left you have a traditional all metal hook. They're cool to the touch, and apart from their flat spot on the handle, have no obvious centre of balance. I find that they can slip around a bit in my fingers. I rarely use them.

The next set are a bamboo hook. These are reportedly easier for arthritic hands to use/handle. I find them quiet lovely to use. Like the metal hooks, they have no obvious centre balance (some don't even have a flat spot of hold, which can make them move around a bit, but easy to twist) but are simply like a wand, all made of the one material. Their silky smooth feel makes them lovely to work a soft yarn with, like a natural wool or angora.

The hooks in the centre with the white handles are my favourite! They are "Addi" hooks, a German brand. I loooooove them. I'm trying to collect the whole series. (In writing this tonight, my partner has just pointed out a new series by Addi: the Addi Swing! woah!!! Must research and bring a picture to the blog!) They've got a real defined centre balance with the plastic handle with their ridges, separate from the colour band (to make picking up the right size easier). They're just super comfy for me.

The last set is a big plastic set, which is fun to use beause their so big so you get a nice loose weave. They aren't overly comfy, but their not unpleasant to use in any regards!

I'll look at each hook separately in future, I promise :)

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