Sunday, January 1, 2012

All it takes is one square at a time

More than a few years ago, I couldn't crochet a granny square to save my life. The first attempt ended up being a circle that was all curled in on itself. It didn't get better. Then a few years later, I came across a "Learn To Crochet" section in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine, which I had spied at my Mum's. It made sense. As in, I followed the very easy set out instructions, in a liftout from a yarn maker's pamphlet, and ta da! I had my first granny square. Another few followed, and then a scarf appeared, and then a lap blanket.

I was off and running, and I just loved to crochet.

I also like making things for people, so my Mum enlisted me to make her a blanket for her bed. No problems I said! We went off and bought the yarn (beautiful soft angora wool in 5 different shades) & I started to make biggish 5" squares. What I didn't really take into consideration was (a) moving interstate, and (b) the size of my Mum's bed, which was a King. It eventually took me a year to finish, and it is much loved. Not just by my Mum, but by her cat.

This pattern has continued. I promise blankets or shawls, even potholders, and the projects never quite get finished. This makes me sad, anxious & even embarrassed or quite blue. So, I am starting this little blog off so I can try to write about finishing a project, one square at a time. It may also include lots of little individual squares, or even circles or hexagons (my current large project is a lovely lap blanket made out of smallish hexagons), as I try and blog a different square, circle, hexagon, potholder, or project every day, at least for this year. As I know myself all too well, this may end up being every second day or worse, but it is January 1st afer all, so let's start off on the right path.

Here is part of the blanket I am making for my friend.

It is a small hexagon that makes up the blanket. I believe I need around 75-80 hexagons. I think I have around 55. I have been crocheting this blanket for around 11 months now, which is a source of embarrassment for me. I have even crocheted a baby blanket inbetween. However! I am determined to finish it.

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