Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Block #3: "Sunshine Lace"

From Eaton's "200 Crochet Blocks..."

#64: "Sunshine Lace"

I must point out that in Eaton's book this is worked in a sunny yellow, and my yarn here (a Bamboo Cotton, 70/30) is actually more a salmon colour, but it's definitely not sunshine-y. Maybe twilight-y or dawn-y...

This is a thicker yarn than the two previously worked blocks, which makes for a tighter weave in the crochet. As I was working the block this afternoon (whilst watching the tennis... Ahhh summer of tennis!) I thought that the yarn would make a good facecloth, or dishcloth. It's thick and holds water well.

I also pinned this into a square shape as it dried, so it would have been wonkier, I promise! This was also my first time working this square, and I like the finished piece.

Mostly worked in treble stitch, this square does feature some double treble stitches in the centre, which makes for the sunburst appearance: I quite like it.

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