Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crochet Me

There are some great resources for crocheters online. The first one I'm visiting is Crochet Me. Crochet Me was in beta for years. The website was delightfully friendly, simple, and laid the foundation for the one we visit today. There's even a few of my comments on older posts that are still around. ;-)

There are daily musings from different columnists, and some offer either advice, or tips & hints, pattern advice, yarn advice, book reviews. Or they talk about a project their working on, or a project you can contribute to.

The website also hosts a few free patterns. Members can put up their own patterns to share with others, and every few months Crochet Me will put out a free ebook. One must only join the site or put in an email address.

Since it came out of beta, it seems to be affiliated with Interweave Magazine. It looks like a good one, and every now and then I can see it on the shelves here in Australia. There are subscription offers on the site, and free magazines as incentive. The colours of the site have become a bit more subdued, but it's nicely laid out, and works well. Lots of resources, and just for crocheters. No knitting!! Not that there's anything wrong with knitting, not at all. I just crochet better ;)

I definitely recommend this site to be bookmarked by any casual crocheter. It's a great online resource.

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