Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 Completed Dishcloths!

Well I had fun making these. One came from a new pattern, using a technique/style/stitch I'd employed before, and the other was a completely new style to me, but had been employed in the Krista throw rug, which is where I snaffled the pattern. 

This one's nice, and is the pattern that I shared on Friday ( from Mon Petit Violon pattern here ). It's a repeated shell motive (sort of), and I've shared a block using this motif from 200 Squares from Jan Eaton.

I like the texture of it, and hopefully I've sewn it tight enough that it wont stretch too much. I've also done a tight dc border to help with this too.

What I found a bit odd was that the cloth wanted to 'buck'.

You can see here that the edges are neat, but the centre is rippled slightly. I'd usually say this is a tension issue, but it started in the first row. Anyway, I like it, and no one's going to notice that it's slightly rippled after it's been used to clean dishes :)

The second one shows the pattern from Week 12 in the Krista rug.

Isn't it nice! And I decided to tackle it (at 10:30pm last night, why I have no idea) because I thought it would make a good dishcloth :) It's also got a dc border, gone around twice actually.

This is worked in the diagonal, which I've not much practice in, so it was really interesting to watch it come together. I LOVE the texture and the way that the blocks change direction!

I'm hoping to whip up another tonight, and do up a few coasters before I send this off on Tuesday :)

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