Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I must apologise to you, my loyal followers. I haven't posted anything in almost 10 days.

Last week I spent ALL WEEK finishing up my first multi-piece Amigurumi. I would share it with you, but it is a present, and I would like it to get to its destination before I do. However, it is AWESOME. So, you know, be prepared.

Also, due to some redefined working hours, I will have EXTRA crochet time starting from next week. I'm hoping not for too long, but there will be extra crochet time (ECT) for at least the next few weeks. I'm hoping to have extra projects to share!!

I would like to start producing little amigurumi's to sell as well, so here's hoping!

From tomorrow, back to a post-a-day I am hoping :)

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