Sunday, August 5, 2012

Working hard...

I've spent the afternoon working on my amigurumi bunny for my nephew. He's ONE this month, and very cute. I loved my bunny that I got when I was two, so I figure he might like a bunny a bit younger :)

But, I don't know. I've worked it using two strands of a 4ply cotton and it seems awfully hard and rigid. And I'm going to run out of cotton and I really don't want to because I can't go buy more till the end of the week, and I want to finish it this week.

So, I undid my bunny body, after struggling with it all afternoon. Then I worked it up in about 2 hours using the single strand. SO MUCH EASIER. Now I'm worried he'll be too loosey-goosey.


I'm hopeless. I'm going to try and find some happy soft thicker acrylic on the way home from work this week.

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