Saturday, August 11, 2012

Free Pattern: Sprial Coasters


Well, I had fun doing this last night. Let's start with the pattern.

Thanks to CCC (The Creative Crochet Crew)I found Spiral Coasters/PotHolders by Made In K Town sometime during the week. And how lovely, there's a FREE PATTERN for them :)

How CUTE are these!!!

Now, these are worked in a spiral. I learned how to spiral last weekend, and showed you my effort yesterday. But something ELSE is new to me, and that's the white overlay/surface stitches that she's crocheted onto the coaster. This is me, when I found out about these a few weeks ago:

O.O .... <_< ..... >_> ...... O.o

Happily for me, this pattern explains it SUPER EASY and once you understand how you over-crochet the surface stitches, it becomes really clear.

For my first coaster, I used Panda Magnum, one of the balls I picked up at Lincraft earlier in the week. See how LOVELY a colour it is!!! I love purple :) This is a beautiful eggplant-purple as well, which just makes me want to buy LOTS of balls in this colour and make all the things!! For the white stitches, I've used a ball of 4ply cotton that I have in my stash, that's a little thicker than all my other balls of cotton, so it's hard to use in combination with other cotton colours. Perfect to use in something like this however.

Was really happy with how it turned out, but look at something that I noticed after I finished the surface stitches...

WHOOPS! It's become a cute little hat! The cotton obviously worked up tighter than the acrylic of the Panda Magnum, and it's pulled the coaster inwards, creating a curve.

I simply worked at it, stretching it out a little, and its doing just fine now. It's a little curvy towards the edges now, and I think that's simply a results of the acrylic/cotton combination. I expect it will work itself out as I use it as my new tea coaster.

Think I might do a post on surface stitches: would anyone like a paragraph or two with pictures on that?

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