Friday, August 10, 2012

Learning how to Spiral....

Spiral crochet has begun to pop up around my field of vision. You spiral amigurumi patterns, cute beanies can be spiraled, and coasters can be spiraled.

I love coasters, I'm learning how to follow amigurumi patterns, and making a hat is on my List Of Things To Learn. So, obviously I'm going to have to learn how to spiral crochet.

Think I could find this easily? Nope. Not on my first search of I found some nice projects, and a few patterns. But then I realised "Hey, I got that book out of the library once" when I saw a project based on a piece in "201 Crochet..." and THEN I thought "Oh Wow, I bet Jan Eaton talks about it in her "300 Crochet Techniques"!

And sure enough, she had :)

Not the best attempt, but still, a spiral :)

It's slightly curved at the edges, like I'm making a HAT, but you can't see it in the photo. Still, I guess if I kept going it will work itself out.

The trick is to start with a dc, then a htr, then work tr's around. Start off small, and increase slightly.

Going to attempt a cute coaster I've found later...

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