Monday, September 17, 2012

*tap tap* is this thing on?

*tap tap*


Is this thing on?

Oh, hi there! Gosh, are you still looking here? Kudos to YOU if you are! Blogger tells me it is days - DAYS I TELL YOU - since I last updated. Almost a month.

Which is frankly unacceptable. So much for blogging everyday for a year!

When I last blogged, I was patiently waiting for a little amigurumi bunny to wind its way across the wide red expanse of Australia to it's new home. And then I didn't post. And then the bunny arrived.... and I still didn't post. I have since pieced together the rug I've been working on, and I'm halfway through the border. This now has a firm deadline in 10 days, so it'll be finished soon. I've also started on my xmas/end-of-year presents, since it'll be a lean giving time this year, everyone's getting something home made, preferably out of crochet :) There will be a few dishcloths (the last few posts I put up were of my dad's dishcloths: which have been received and thought of as ... placemats. Whoops?), and lots of coasters.

A few weeks ago, my step-dad came over to my side of the country and we toddled around Melbourne together. I wanted to have a look in at Morris & Sons (because, how can you not) and even HE was impressed at the store. And look!


I have instructions to make a tea cosy out of it. It ended up being a really nice half hour. I got my step-dad involved in choosing the yarn (100% cotton, ridiculous air miles, let's not talk about them) and I explained about choosing appropriate colours & how sometimes you need something really different (see the above pink/purple) to make a bit of a "pop".

I had a great time :)

So, in the next few weeks, I'll be posting about the FINISHED Amigurumi Bunny! (called George, and renamed... Bunny. Excellent!), dishcloths, coasters of various types & colours, a finished lap rug, and possibly a tea cosy... O.o

Thank you for sticking around over the last few weeks: I really appreciate it ;)

A special call out to Sherry, who twittered at me and got me off my non-blogging arse: Thanks sweetie :) 

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