Thursday, March 1, 2012

Traveling with crochet

We weren't allowed to fly with knitting needles, and therefore crochet hooks since most security people didn't know the difference (those writing the regulations & those enforcing them), for a good few years in the last 10 years. Pretty sad for those of us who enjoying flying and crafting. Still can't take our little embroidery scissors, and probably wont ever be able to again. I can't figure out what sort of danger a wooden blunt crochet hook would do, or thin bamboo knitting needles, that'd break as soon as try to stab someone.

Gosh, flying was endless for a while there, and is so different now. When I flew to the UK at the very beginning of 2002, and back again in the August of that year, I took a big, bulky laptop that must have weighed around 4-5kgs, been around an inch & a half thick, & had the battery life of a gnat. And a bagful of books, all into the cabin with me. I think I even had a box of cards. No knitting, no stitching. For a few years afterwards, I had fond conspiratorial thoughts of smuggling metal pins and needles in the inner fabric of a carry on. Now I bring on my iPad, which has the PDF's of my current projects and a bunch (& I mean LOTS) of books, and the entire series 1 of Game of Thrones, and my crochet hooks with some tightly wound yarn. No paper books (except my homework for tax class!), no laptop, no box of cards.

I started bringing my crochet hooks into the cabin a few years ago, specifically a few cheap bamboo ones, in case they had to be thrown out, and wouldn't necessarily been seen on an xray to frighten any easily spooked person. Now I bring my whole little bag. I keep forgetting to buy a little yarn/thread cutter, which is in an enclosed metal disc, can be hung around my neck, and is A-OK approved for bringing on planes. Nope, I still carry around my dental floss container, with it's sneaky little cutter, which takes an effort to cut through some yarn...

Bit too tired on tonight's flight to think about crocheting much. I managed the square that was put up last Friday for the Spot-Sampler, but the count for the border is somewhat off along the sides, even though the previous round's count it just right. I re-did the directions in a few spots as well, so it made a bit more sense to me than what was written. I'll either put up just the done square tomorrow and the redone instructions, or split it up over tomorrow & the weekend.

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