Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calico & Ivy

I went to a lovely little store today that I love, called Calico & Ivy. It's in Mosman Park in Perth, so I don't get to go that much. And it's very high end in regards to what it carries, specifically in regards to their yarn. They carry gorgeous yarn, but I think the cheapest I saw was $11.95/50g ball. And when you're making a rug that needs 25 balls... However, if you're making a lovely small thing for a gift, you'd get some lovely high quality materials there.

They also have a stunning range of quilting material, which I always salivate over. I don't quilt enough at all to justify buying anything, but *sigh I wish I did ;-) They do carry Liberty print bias binding though, which I do like getting, to finish off tops (specifically the Sorbetto from Collette Patterns).

They did have a (very) few Addi hooks though, including a swing hook...

But that's for tomorrow!

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