Sunday, March 11, 2012

Krista Rug: Block 2 of the Spot-Sampler

Block 2 of the Spotlight crochet-along rug, two weeks late!!:

I liked this block. I think some of the people in the group had a hard time getting it to lie flat, but that's because you had a fretwork circle in the centre that you had to 'tame' into a square pattern.

I'm finding it hard taking a picture that shows the true colour of my yarn. Here it's a purpleish shade. The photo wanted to show it in a nice light blue. Which is pretty, but my yarn is lavender.... *grin*

I had a problem with the counting in this square. This is how the pattern turned out, but there are only 25 double crochet stitches along each side and the pattern states I should have 28. However, it has turned out the same size as the previous square. I'll show you the comparisons tomorrow.

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