Thursday, March 8, 2012

Addi Swing Hook 5.0mm

So, this is the Addi Swing Hook 5.0mm that I bought at Calico & Ivy in Mosman Park when I was over in Perth last week.

I'd been dying to get one, but they're at least $17.95, which is much more than a regular crochet hook. However my lovely Mum bought it for me as a birthday present, and would not let me go home without, despite the fact my birthday is actually in October!!

It is quite a weighty hook, but extremely well balanced. The curves over your hand and sits very comfortably.

But, I have to get used to it. I do not find it as easy to use as a normal Addi comfort hook as it doesn't roll in my hand like the comfort hook does.

But it should. It's ergonomically designed to sit properly in your hand. I'd love to see someone use one as it's meant to be used, and this should only take a search on youtube ;-)

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