Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Block #31: Diamond in the Square

From Eaton's 200...

#83 Diamond in the Square.

I saw one of the girls over on the Block of the Week group put up a great version of this, done in white, yellow/orange & red. Mine's not as good, but it's still done right. I'd like to take a better photo, on my normal background, to show up the longer stitches in the centre better.

This is some new yarn as well! 70% cotton 30% wool, from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I'm fortunate enough that I live close enough to Bendigo so I can go up to the factory store and have a good poke around at what they've got for sale. And BOY are their yarns absolutely FANTASTIC!!! And they sell them in MASSIVE balls of 200gms! Anyway I poked my head in their seconds rooms and picked up a couple of great 50gm balls of cotton mix (the yarn is all the same but some of the packets say "cotton" some say "70% wool 30% cotton" and some say "70% cotton 30% wool". It feels mostly like cotton, so I'm going with that :D It's a really nice sturdy 4ply, and this square is smaller than I'd usually do, worked in one of my NEW Addi hooks! It's a 3mm, which is one of the smallest I own. Very nice neat & tidy :)

Anyway, better photo tomorrow ;-)

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