Sunday, February 5, 2012

This weekend I...

Looked at my box of yarn & bits, and tipped it upside down...


Oh goodness me...

Back to this one. This is an ENTIRE pile of worked squares. Finished, & unfinished. No one project is finished out of this ENTIRE pile!

This is one of the reasons for this blog. I need to find a way to make sure that when I start a project, I finish it!

This is a lot of yarn. I am 100% positive there are other people out there with FAR more yarn, but this doesn't show you the other, smaller, pile of the other side of the "bucket drawer" where it's all kept. Or the big basket that is on the floor that holds... this amount again. SIGH. I love it all! Some are remnants left over from other projects. Some have been bought to practice different squares on, like the squares I'm showing you in this blog. Most of this will be used for that. Other have been bought with a project in mind, but which never came to fruition.

In other news, we moved around the furniture in our tiny flat today, which makes it feel yet better! It always does :) and joy of joys, I FOUND MY 5mm HOOK! Haha two days after I caved and bought another. Oh well! I have my favourite back, and a new one :)

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