Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spot-Sampler Rug: 1/25

OK! So yesterday I talked about my choice of yarn. Today is how my block turned out!

One nicely sized, plain Granny Square :)

I'm happy with It and how it turned out.

I used my 4.5mm hook, working withing Spotlight's suggestion of using the middle hook in your set of three.

The others I'm using are: (left) my green 4mm, (middle) the white 4.5mm & (right) my favourite brown 5mm hook.

The size of the finished square should be approximately 22cm.

Mine, is not. As you can see, mine is around 16mm, a full 1/3 smaller. Which is fine by me! My rug will be around 1 meter wide, instead of the 1.5meter that Spotlight quote as the finished rug size.

So! That's the first square!

The rest of the weekend has seen me draft out a few versions of a skirt I'm making for a black tie wedding reception I'm unexpectedly going to in 2 weeks! The pattern seems to be a petite pattern, since the sizing is smaller than I was expecting, so my first version was out by about 2.5-3". Whoops! Am drafting out another!

I've also been working on sewing up the big rug project that was partially the starting reason for this blog! I wsn't sure how far through it I was, and how much yarn I was going to need to put it together, so I'm sewing up what I've competed to get a good idea.

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