Saturday, February 11, 2012

Block #25: Willow v6

From Eaton's ...

Version 6 of Block #189.

Hmmm, bit stumped as to what to name this one. "Tan Melody" or something. Maybe "Mid-Summer Paddock": around here, all the grass is burnt & bleached dry at this time of year, and the earth just south of where I live is a beautiful rich loamy red-brown. The colours are just a bit off in this photo, but to me, this square has a reddy-brown darker colour, a light beige in the middle & a tan, which is much darker in the photo.

This is a different yarn. A 100% angora Italian blend. I made a king-sized throw rug in this once. This one square reminded me how irritating I find this particular yarn to crochet with.


This is the block in better light. You can see the difference I was talking about. Hopefully!

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