Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Morning commute

I have an hour long morning & afternoon commute in a car (as opposed to a train or bus). It's mostly (80%) on a freeway or quiet country road, so it's not a hard commute, which would be an hour to travel 15kms in traffic. Yuck!

I usually don't drive either: I carpool with my boss and he usually drives. Which means I have a lovely hour or so each day to work on craft. Somedays this is eaten up with discussion or I just zone out. But I try to do some crochet in the car every day, whether it's a new square to show on here (which there hasn't been for at least 10 days now, since my life has been eaten up with making a certain skirt...) or working on my project-to-finish: the green blanket. I normally get at least one hexagon made a trip to add to that rug.

A few years ago I commuted on the train down to Melbourne, which was more like an hour and 20 minutes. I'd snooze of a morning some days, but I did manage to completely crochet a baby blanket on the trip, over a few weeks. I used to cross-stitch a bit too: that was good, because it tends to be neat and tidy, but not good for mornings, if one's not quite awake... :D

Do you crochet or sew on the way to work?

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