Saturday, February 25, 2012

This skirt ate my Saturday!!

This skirt has eaten my Saturday!!

I'm not a particularly faster sewer, and I wanted to do a good job, so it's taken me most of today to sew it up.

I was up to inserting the zip when I took these photos around 3-4 hours ago. And it totally took me 2 hours to put it in place. It was my first zip, I think. O.M.G. I need to take a class on finishing!!

I'm really pleased with how the pleats at the front have turned out. They've still got their tacking on them, but I'm thinking of tacking the closed to this dept by a few neatly placed stitches on the inside of the inverted box pleats.

I'm also stoked at how the waistband ended up so neat! Look at thaaaaat :D

The edge of it where the zip's been placed is a bit of a disaster though! LOL.

Hopefully back to crochet tomorrow!

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