Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy bee

So, the weekend just past saw me being a busy bee, working on the Spot-Sampler Rug's first square, and my skirt's muslin (aka, draft) for the black tie event, and I've been working on my friend's rug! Remember this one?

Well, I started putting it together this last weekend, to (a) see how much yarn is used binding it together, and (b) how many squares I have left to go.

I steamed and blocked 56 squares! Think I need another 20 or so.

I wasn't happy with how I'd sewn together my last rug, a while ago (my last few have been one piece baby blankets), so I went looking for a different way to sew my hexagons together. Jan Eaton has several suggestions in her two books, but I've gone with this one:

"BunnyMummy-Jacquie"'s method for sewing granny blocks together.

She catches the back loops of the edges of the squares together and whip-stitches them.

(picture from Jacquie's blog)

See? Creates a nice pattern of inner edging.

I'm two rows down, and more than likely 11 or so to go :D

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