Thursday, February 16, 2012

The "Spot-Sampler" rug!

OK. I've decided to call the rug that Spotlight are doing as a crochet-along on their Spotlight Facebook page as... The Spot-Sampler Rug!

Yeah, daggy ;-)

Spotlight posted what we need to complete the rug.

Hi everyone, in advance of the project sheet going up tomorrow, here's what you'll need:
• 25 x 50g balls ‘Moda Vera’ Pure Wool 8ply
• 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm crochet hooks
• Scissors
• Yarn needle, pins, tape measure
• Stitch markers, wool clamps


Except that it needs 25 balls of a wool yarn.

I get that. It will sit in a certain way, be of a good weight. It's a yarn that Spotlight specifically carries, and it should be affordable. But if it's even just $5/ball, that's $125. Now, I don't have the spare money for that with 1 days notice, so I'll go a different route ;)

The 'Moda Vera' Pure Wool is in 50g balls, and is approximately 80 meters long. 80 x 25 = 2000. So we need 2000 meters of yarn to work this project. So let's work it out!

Now, they also suggest that the yarn be worked with a 6mm, 6.5mm or 7mm hook. So it's going to be a "light and airy" piece, since the Moda Vera yarn is usually worked in a 4mm or 5mm I believe. I don't work a lot of pieces in a hook of that size, so I'm thinking of using a 5mm hook.

Patons 'Big Baby 4ply' is a much lighter weight yarn. It's also acrylic. It's 100g, and approximately 420mtrs. So you would only need 5 balls of this. It also retails for around $4/ball. So, $20 a bit better?

However, it is a MUCH different yarn. With a 4mm hook, it is going to be a lighter, lacier blanket. It will also end up being about half the size, perhaps a
good size for a cot, or a baby blanket. The original size should work out for more a single bed size.

So, I'm going to go have a look at some yarns tomorrow and make a decision. Of course, one can always buy the yarn as you go with the project. The thing you'd have to worry about with that is that you would more than likely end up with balls of yarn from different dye lots, which can end up looking slightly different in colour.

Anyway, if you can afford it (the Moda Vera yarn may only end up being $3/ball, which would only end up being $75) go with what they suggest! But I'm going to go with a yarn I can (a) afford, and (b) work with in a smaller hook ;-)

Also, what are wool clamps?!? Research!

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