Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd - halfway through the year

Well, it's halfway through the year. July 2. A few days ago, it was June 30. Here in Australia it's the end of the financial period, which means it's about to get B-U-S-Y for me at work!

Let's sum up what I've published in the half year.

I started the year off with an ambitious plan: all 200 squares from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book, which is awesome. Which meant a square every less-than-2-days. We're up to block #68, and not all of those blocks are from the book. With around 183 days to go in the year (or so, I think oddly enough it's more like 181...), I've had to do a lot of soul searching in the last few days, and I've had to admit, I'm not going to make the 200 blocks this year.


But I think it's better to front up to it, than to get stressed out of my head by October with the thought of trying to finish all the squares.

Recently I've discovered Amigurumi, which you all may have noticed (O.O) and I'm just having a load of fun creating little creatures :) I've already made three for people, and they got mailed off today! (Of course, at that point I realised I couldn't share them with you, because I'd forgotten to take pictures of them...)

So, ths blog has seen sewing projects, 68 different blocks (plus another 20 at least thanks to the Krista Spot-Sampler Rug from Spotlight), the discovery of Amigurumi, the slow progress of the hexagon rug I am making. That's quite a bit.

I'm going to keep posting every day if I can, and if I miss a day, I promise to make it up :)

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