Sunday, July 22, 2012

The other slipper....

So here's the matching slipper to yesterday's footwear...

What do you mean it's a different colour???

:) I was going to quickly run out of the pinky-red, so I did the opposite for the other foot. But, look how DIFFERENT it is!!


 MUCH baggier.

I know I've got skinny little feet, but this is ridiculous.

For the purple slipper, I decided to follow more the pattern, and started each row with a chain treble, and then counted. I had around 6 extra stitches by the end of the slipper, maybe more. The slipper is much 'deeper' by my heel.  And I seem to have sewed the button on in a slightly wrong position...

So, I really wanted to give them another go. But this time,  I was going to use the hook I thought was appropriate, and a different yarn. It will give a different gauge to this yarn with a 5mm hook. Turn in next time!!

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