Saturday, July 28, 2012

And that was the Craft Fair!

So, yesterday I went off to the Melbourne Quilt & Craft Fair.

I worked at the fair a few years ago for a friend and I really enjoyed myself. The fair, not so much, but helping out my friend and seeing all the excited women coming through - that was good.

I really wanted to enjoy the fair this year. I hadn't been in a few years, and I'm being super crafty this year. The fair's motto is: "Come and be inspired". Yeah, not so much.

It was good to see my friend Joan, and have a look at all the gorgeous quilts that were on display. Then we walked around the fair and poked around the stalls. Not so much for a crochet girl with only about 5-6 stalls that had yarn, and I have to say some of the yarn was GORGEOUS. But there were a lot of quilt stores, and quilting isn't something I'm doing at the moment (although I have lots of material for it, and learned how to hand-patchwork a few years ago).

The fair did provide me an opportunity to check out Hooked Zpagetti yarn. I spied some designs in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine earlier in the week that I grabbed from the library and this is the yarn that was used. It seemed like a "t-shirt yarn" made of material, so I was pretty thrilled to be able to have a good look at what it was like. Hooked Zpagetti don't retail their yarn and only sell it through their website.

See? Really thick yarn. This is one of their medium cones, and it was $9.50, which was a real bargain I've discovered, since they usually sell it for $16.95! The hook in the picture is a 12mm!!! It's now the biggest hook I own. O.O

I also grabbed some more fine lace cotton, which is something I can pick up in Spotlight, but not this brand!! And the colours that were available! I couldn't not pick up some #12 cotton so I can keep trying out my smaller crochet patterns in my efforts towards learning to make doileys.

Look at those colours!! It's "Valdani" cotton, which I haven't seen before, and it was a real struggle to limit myself only to these three!! I just wanted to buy a box of it :)

Working up the Zpagetti yarn today so I'll post about it tomorrow!

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