Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zpagetti Yarn Review

So, I worked up the Zpagetti yarn that I showed you yesterday.

This was the HARDEST yarn I have EVER worked up. It was tough on my hands and tough to work.

I wanted to make a basket for my current project/s, which seem to take over the little table I have sitting next to the couch. It drives me nuts when I have all my crochet taking up the entire table space. I looked around for a pattern, then went to the Better Homes & Gardens magazine that I picked up at the library last weekend. Sure enough, they had a little table topper basket.

As you can see from the top picture, my basket didn't really work out like any of these. Perhaps the bigger one, but in the smaller size?

I wasn't impressed with the pattern either, but I'll talk about that later. Let's talk about the yarn.

OK so it's a material yarn, so it's going to be harder to work with than a traditional spun/acrylic yarn. But it was just so TOUGH! I wouldn't recommend this yarn to ANYONE who crochets with arthritis or 'sore hands'. It's just too hard to work. Perhaps if one could use the hook and then do more of the work as finger crochet?

This is my basket. For all the difficulty that I had working the basket, I actually really like it. It's a quick method to create a basket in a limited amount of time. It's very very sturdy.

 As you can see, it's holding two balls of cotton yarn (and my work, which is hiding!). At the moment, I have another full ball in there and another small remnant, and it's containing it all well.

I have this much yarn left over:

I could have gone around again and made the basket taller, but this is high enough for my purposes.

One of the real gripes I had with the Zpagetti yarn was where it was JOINED.

Look at that. This is a DARK BLUE yarn and they've joined it with white thread. Not impressed At ALL.

The pattern I was unhappy with as well.

They've constructed it in rounds, and it should be in spirals. Look at that ridge on the outside of the basket.

So, despite being relatively happy with the end result, I didn't enjoy working with the yarn, and I wasn't happy with the pattern. I'm glad that I bought some of the yarn at the show, since now that I've worked with it, I know that I wont be getting more to make a bigger project any time soon. Which is a shame, because I liked the look of the floor pebbles that were in the magazine that used this yarn, and I was interested in making this Cat Cave with it. It's sturdy enough, but I'd want it to be a bit softer.

Sorry Zpagetti :( It was lovely to meet you on Friday, but I didn't really enjoy working your yarn.

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  1. When I saw this yarn in our local store I liked the look of the mat they had made as a demo, The main thing that stopped me buying this was price they wanted $17 a ball, I have done a lot of rugs using rags and I think you would achieve the same result using stripped stretch fabric, if you cut the fabric right you can get quite a large ball from 1 metre.