Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 11 completed: Krista Spot-Sampler rug

And here is week 11 completed:

Firstly, when I looked at the square, I was all "OMG it's a FLOWER in a SQUARE" oh no!! As I pointed out yesterday, week 3's flower-in-the-centre was a bit of a disaster. I have a lovely broach now.

So, I approached this with a bit of apprehension. But, I followed Kim's adapted pattern, (*corrected* pattern) and look - a square! With a flower in it! I'd like to do it again, because I'm not terribly happy with how the petals are curling in the middle, but this might just be the type of yarn that's being used.

A little announcement as well: May is going to be Granny Square Month! There are so many variations on a theme of 3tr-1ch-3tr that I can't - indeed wont - fit them all in a week. So why not dedicate a whole month! May begins in all of 3 days, so get ready!!

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