Sunday, April 22, 2012

Block #10 completed: Spot-Sampler Rug

Here is my version of Block #10 in the Krista Spot-Sampler Rug:

So this week worried me A LOT. One might even say I freaked out a little when I saw the square. This is called "Basket Weave" and I have never attempted it before. I might have done front-post tr's or back-post tr's before, but never like this.

Front-Post Trebles? Huh? I can hear you say. I think it might actually take some explaining one week. Not tonight however.

I was real pleased with how easy this was once I saw the instructions. I just had to get my head around it, and then it was just like working a plain square, but paying a bit more attention.

In fact I liked it, and how the square turned out, so much, that I unravelled the 10ply Red Scarf of Doom and have started working it in Basket Weave. And I like it!

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