Saturday, April 21, 2012

Block #44: Somalian Flower (with free pattern)

Today, a special post.

A few days ago, I spied a block on this page here: A Granny a Day.  The page is in Dutch and refers to another page, again in Dutch, for instructions for the square which was called "Somalian Flower". It is a version of an African Flower, which is usually formed in a hexagon. 

Well, I couldn't understand the instructions at all. So, I decided to draw up some myself.

It is with great pleasure that I provide these instructions for others to follow and create this square for themselves!

Somalian Flower Square (variation of an African Flower)

4 colours of yarn required.

Foundation Ring: 4 ch, join with slst

R1: ch1, dc in same place, 7 dc into ring, join with slst into first dc
R2: ch3, tr in same place, ch, * 2tr into next dc, repeat from * six times, join with slst into 3rd of 3ch. (8 pair of tr) Fasten off 1st colour.
R3: Join 2nd colour into any ch sp. Ch3, tr, ch2, 2tr into same sp. * 2tr, ch2, 2tr, repeat from * six times, join with slst into 3rd of 3ch.
R4: Slst across into 2ch sp. 2ch, 5tr, htr into same sp, * dc into 3rd of 4tr of previous round, htr, 5tr, htr into next 2ch sp, repeat from * 6 times, dc between 2nd & 3rd tr of previous round, join with 2nd of 2ch. Fasten off 2nd colour.
R5: Join 3rd colour into 1st htr of any round. Ch1, dc into same htr, dc into following 5 tr, dc into htr, spike dc into sp between 2nd & 3rd tr of R3 (this is where you have already place a dc into the above 3rd tr), *dc into htr, next 5 tr, next htr, spike stitch into sp between 2nd & 3rd tr of R3, repeat from * 6 times, slst into first dc. Fasten off.
R6: Join 4th colour into dc previous to any spike dc. 2tr (forms htr), *htr into spike st, htr into next dc, dc into next 4dc, htr into next dc, skip dc, (tr, dbtr, ch2, dbtr, tr) into spike st, skip dc, htr into next dc, dc into next 4 dc **, htr into next dc, repeat from * 3 times, finishing the 3rd round at **, slst into 2nd of 2ch.
R7: ch1 dc into same sp, dc into each stitch of previous round, (2dc, ch, 2dc) into each 2ch corner space, slst into 1st dc to finish. Fasten off.

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  1. Gr8 pattern!!! Easy to follow!!! I was wondering how could I get a straighter edge? It's a bit rounded where the 3 htr are and I want to connect them to make a blanket...but with them rounded on the sides my blanket wont lie flat...