Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Block #46: Italian Cross

From Jan Eaton's "200..."

Block #24: Italian Cross.

Well, this square featured puff stitches which I've never tried before. They were a bit hard to get through with the 3.5mm hook I was using, so I switched to a 3.75mm hook just for a bit more space with the cotton. They are PUFFY!! More puffy than clusters or popcorns, because I think they're a shorter stitch, being made out of half-trebles. Popcorns are based on the treble.

In the book this is made out of a darker blue/purple centre and a lilac outer, with a cream where I've put the cream. I think the colour choice in the book is better than the one I've made here. Even if I'd used the blue that I've been working with recently, I think the square might have turned out looking better.

But, it's a nice square. I doesn't really need blocking, and it's a sturdy little square for a lacey block.

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