Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Block #37: Frustration Ended

Special Feature today!!

This, is Block #37: Frustration Ended.

Frustration plus disguised as a beautiful piece of Edwardian Lace!!

A wonderfully talented woman called Kim from the Krista Crochet Group saw a block that looked like this and wrote us out all the instructions from it, that she devised! She is too awesome. I'm actually going to be featuring a few more of Kim's instructions/blocks over the next few weeks!

When Kim first hooked this block, she said it drove her nuts (hence the name). It took her three goes, and then her instructions came forth. I totally got on the bandwagon, after completing at least two other blocks. It might have been that I started it too late, but around round 3, I almost threw it at the TV, and I wasn't even watching Richard Dawkins vs George Pell on Q&A!! (Atheist vs Catholic Cardinal. it was nasty, apparently.)  But then the MotoGP came on, and I calmed down and finished it. I couldn't figure out why it looked odd. Today when I took the picture, I noticed that I done something wrong, around round 3 :D (there's a link wrong at the bottom of the square in the picture.)

But I just LOVE this square!! It's like a piece of Edwardian Lace, which is fitting since it's the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic leaving Southampton in a flurry of wonder and excitement. And lots of Edwardian finery :) 

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