Monday, April 16, 2012

Non-crochet post: Fridge

I am sad to say I have done NO CROCHET today. Why? Our fridge partially blew up last night. Well, it was pulling enough power down through the flat's wires that it was throwing out the safety switch. Kept resetting it until the ELECTRICITY ARC'D THROUGH THE BACK OF THE SAFETY SWITCH BOARD. So I stopped trying to reset it. Then this morning I was taken through isolation tests until the fridge threw out the power again. It was an old fridge, a twice-hand-me-down from the 1970's I'd say. (It had a beige & brown interior, with broken bits.) 

So, since I have the best boss on the planet who just gave me the day off and said it with a joke (haha pulling electricity down through residual lines..), I took the day off to (a) figure out what it was, and then (b) either sit through the electrician fixing the issue (not required) or (c) do whatever else was needed. Which was buying a new fridge.

And the point of this post is to say: I bought a NEW FRIDGE! It's small and fits the space and I'm hopeful of moving it into the kitchen and out of the bathroom (tiny flat). It's shiny and it's white and it's already cooling down, so I'm pretty happy about that :) 

I guess it's a Sally Day then :)

Except this is Maisie :) She lives next door and we co-share with our neighbour for kitty pats!

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