Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yarn Yarn and more Yarn..


My yarn stash grew today.


Completely SPOTLIGHT'S FAULT. Apparently someone decided it was World Wide Knit In Public Day and Spotlight had 20-50% off ALL their yarn.

I couldn't help myself!! I've been missing doing bigger projects, since I'm so focused on trying to produce single, different squares for the blog. So, this weekend I'm focused on producing as many squares as I can so I can put together a rug I've been working on (I showed it in.. February? and yes, it's STILL not finished, to my horror), but I've got somewhat distracted after my yarn purchase today... I'm working on a cowl with the yarn on the right hand side there. *shifty look* Not sure it's going to work out...

Anyway, then I hit Bendigo Woollen Mills...

I bought a 2nd's ball of this in 10ply earlier in the year, and it has COMPLETELY defeated me. But, I love the type of yarn it is (100% pure wool, and it is sooooo soft. I have no idea how they've woven it...) so I went back to get a ball of it in 8ply. I think this might end up being the cowl that I'm trying to work out with the rainbow yarn above, as this is much more yarn to work with, and the other one... yeah, I'm going to run out of it.

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