Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free Pattern: Project COWL

Today I have a project to share!

It's a cowl!

Using the one ball of the Moda Vera Bouvardia that I bought yesterday from Spotlight, I had to stop myself from continuing to make this any bigger, because (a) there wasn't enough yarn to make it big enough to twist twice around one's neck, and (b) it was big enough as just a single pull-it-over-your-neck cowl as it was.

The pattern was simple, and isn't actually a pattern.

Using this yarn, I used a 5mm hook (the wrapper on the yarn suggested using a 5.5mm hook, but I don't have one of those!) and the width of it is 30 ch wide. I used a treble (UK) stitch and hooked it like I was making a scarf. When I was about 2 feet down, I stopped increasing the length, and simply joined the two ends (use your preferred method of joining: I dc'd the two pieces together).

Ta da :) A lovely warm cowl.

It's actually a little *large*, so I might be undoing it and decreasing the 'length' a bit in the next few days, but we're test driving it first.

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