Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Pattern from One Loop Short

Ooh. Look what I found today thanks to Kim at Krista Crochet Group!

A fun new pattern! I actually found it over at Ravelry (Super Simple Hexagon) first, and then Ravelry took me to the blog at One Loop Short. (How cute is that name!)

So, over at One Loop Short is her fun little pattern for a three-round Hexagon!

Super fun, super cute. I'm going to whip up a couple to see how long they take. I'm thinking it's a quick little pattern for a quick weekend project!

I really want to get going on a big project of mine, so now as a break after Granny Square Month (and after I finished my Income Tax course today! YAY! Boo Exam!! Yay it's OVER!) I'm going to put some BIG effort into finishing my rug.

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