Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When you think of crochet, you think of the simple stitches: the double (or single) crochet, the treble crochet, a slip stitch. But working with these stitches, and around these stitches, can produce beautiful different stitches.

I found this via a Facebook group today:

"Pattern of Lush Bars" (in Russian)

As the link says, this page is actually in Russian, but Google Translate gave me the title that I've used, so hopefully that's accurate!

How BEAUTIFUL is this stitch?!?!

(picture from above website, copyright them.)

It seems pretty straight forward, but that little fan is created by using a spike stitch, then carrying the stitches forward and leaving them on the hook, which creates the little fan.  Can't wait to give it a go! Of course, I'm not particularly fantastic at working new stitches, so don't expect to see any results until I'm pretty happy with them!!

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